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All Mobility Solutions for Billions

BroomBoom Cabs is the only platform, where one can avail Cab Services, Bike-Taxi Services or Toto Cab (E-Rickshaw) services in any parts of West Bengal. BroomBoom initiated the ride-hailing revolution in West Bengal, where customers could easily book an AC cab at their doorstep with a single tap on their phone. The Journey of BroomBoom Cabs began during the Covid pandemic times, when its founders built up a mobility bridge that connects the gaps of all the rural and urban areas of the State Transport by providing cabs services at any hour of the day and night. Read more...

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To provide the best comfortable taxi-based transportation services through the creation of transportation networks not only to the inhabitants and visitors of India but also in other foreign countries. Through this strong networking in an area, we provide customers the instant services without any kind of delay, hence reducing the waiting time of finding the closest Cab. The automatic dispatch of the closest Cab to your pickup location helps you in reaching your destination quickly. Aside from being able to hail the cab at most metro stations, airport areas, or city locations, the BroomBoom App, web, and IVR based phone service plus fully staffed call centers with 24 hours a day, seven days a week service, provide customers with access to year-round customer service.


Our mission is to exceed our customers' needs by providing professional, courteous, on time ground transportation solutions and to create superior business opportunities for our pilots, and to develop an ideal working environment for all our employees. Our goal is to provide the safest and quickest ride service to the commuters of India and to expand its services in other countries also. We aim at meeting customer's expectations through high-tech developed features in the App. We believe that a vehicle is only as good as its pilots, and BroomBoom Cabs pilots are not just equipped with superior driving skills, but also with excellent soft skills.

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At BroomBoom Cabs, we value safety, diversity in people and ideas, and having a dedicated team made up of those that have a passion for excellence. BroomBoom is looking to build mobility for the next billion of Indians and also in providing many opportunities of development for the young youth of INDIA. More than 10000+ pilots work tirelessly to provide you the best in technology and services. We aim at making the lives of the people more easier and comfortable.


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Swarnava Roy

Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of Broomboom, Swarnava Roy, built up the company with the assistance of an amazing team and grit.

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Prity Prasad

Co-founder & HRM

Another important person to be mentioned who has been a huge part is Prity Prasad, Co-founder & HRM.

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Gourav Das

Co-founder & COO

The co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) of the company, Gourav, has a pivotal role in structuring the services and running the business successfully.

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